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Peter Berg talks Virtuality

Today, at NBC’s Television Critics Association presentation, Virtuality director Peter Berg spoke out a little bit about the show (via The Futon Critic).

“I was just a piece of that. I wanted to work with Ron Moore,” director Peter Berg says about his experience on the FOX pilot “Virtuality.” “I’m a big fan of his. Those guys were trying to do something very dense and original and complicated and if they have more time [it] would be completely terrific.”

Berg was in attendance at the TCA summer press tour to promote his new NBC drama “Trauma.” I had the chance to speak with him for a few minutes about the project, which aired on June 26.

“I just read that there’s a European thing, a deal going on in Europe to finance it as a European, co-finance it as a European series,” he said. “I don’t know, you should try to talk to Ron Moore about that but I think that would be fascinating, with the same cast and [everything]. It’s all talk at this point but I think the response to ‘Virtuality,’ the critical response surprised FOX.”

He adds that he’s hopeful it will happen.


Things to come.

The Futon Critic has posted a lengthy review of the pilot script for Ron Moore’s Virtuality, or more accurately, Michael Taylor’s script based off a story he developed with Ron Moore. From how things are looking, it’s hard not to get really excited about this. Ron Moore (with the help of the folks at BSG) has already broken so many barriers when it comes to science fiction, and I really can’t wait to see where he takes his new show. It’ll be interesting to see what he can get away with on a network television station. If you haven’t read the article, get over there and take a look.

The pilot begins filming this month, even though no annoucements have been made as to who will be running the show. Ron Moore will be speaking at a couple of panels at next week’s Comic Con, so we’re sure to hear more then.

Check it out.

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