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What’s next?

Virtuality aired last night, so does that mean there’s nothing left to talk about? If you answered yes, you’d be wrong. Or would you? Yes, you would be. Over the next couple of days we’ll have more stuff for you, including reviews, ratings news, and our exclusive interviews with Kerry Bishé, Erik Jensen, Clea DuVall, and Sienna Guillory. So keep checking back for updates!


Cast interviews, pt. 1

FOX has released a slew of cast interview clips. We hope you like ’em, ’cause we got ’em!

More to follow. Stay tuned.

The Crew

SciFi Wire has more on Virtuality, this time giving us a rundown of the show’s main characters.

Despite the mysteries, we learned a great deal about the crew of the Phaeton, who are primarily scientists. Six of the crew are married couples, including a gay couple. (And sharp-eyed fans may spot a few science and SF references in the character names.) They are:

Frank Pike (Coster-Waldau). The mission commander. Ex-military. Coster-Waldau reported that Pike has re-created a Civil War battle in his virt module and reruns it often, trying to solve a particular historical puzzle.

Roger Fallon (James D’Arcy). Psychiatrist. A gifted therapist and producer of an onboard reality show in which the crew members are obligated to take part, the price of their interstellar voyage. Though those two jobs might sound incompatible, Taylor said that he combines his tasks with aplomb.

Rika Godard (Sienna Guillory). Botanist, in charge of the hydroponics. Fallon’s wife, though Guillory said that her character is having an affair with someone on the ship.

Manny Rodriguez (Jose Pablo Cantillo). Mathematician and superstring theorist.

For more, read the article here.

Sienna Guillory talks Inkheart, Virtuality

SciFi Wire’s John Sullivan talked to Sienna Guillory, who’s in Vancouver, filming the Virtuality pilot. She talked about what atrracted her to the project, along with it’s connection to her upcoming film, Inkheart.

Sienna Guillory, who co-stars in the upcoming fantasy film Inkheart, told SCI FI Wire that the role fulfilled a longstanding ambition to work with Helen Mirren.

Guillory praised the film’s “extraordinary ensemble cast” in an interview in Vancouver, Canada, last week, where she is working on the Fox SF pilot Virtuality. “Working with Helen Mirren has always been my dream,” she said. “She inspired me to be an actor when I was 6 and I saw her in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Inkheart is based on the first volume in a trilogy of young-adult fantasy novels by German author and illustrator Cornelia Funke. “It’s about the concept that certain people have the gift to read out loud,” said Guillory, “and when they read out loud, the things in the book come to life.”

Read the entire interview here.

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