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Peter Berg talks Virtuality

Today, at NBC’s Television Critics Association presentation, Virtuality director Peter Berg spoke out a little bit about the show (via The Futon Critic).

“I was just a piece of that. I wanted to work with Ron Moore,” director Peter Berg says about his experience on the FOX pilot “Virtuality.” “I’m a big fan of his. Those guys were trying to do something very dense and original and complicated and if they have more time [it] would be completely terrific.”

Berg was in attendance at the TCA summer press tour to promote his new NBC drama “Trauma.” I had the chance to speak with him for a few minutes about the project, which aired on June 26.

“I just read that there’s a European thing, a deal going on in Europe to finance it as a European, co-finance it as a European series,” he said. “I don’t know, you should try to talk to Ron Moore about that but I think that would be fascinating, with the same cast and [everything]. It’s all talk at this point but I think the response to ‘Virtuality,’ the critical response surprised FOX.”

He adds that he’s hopeful it will happen.


First clips surface online

Cinema Blend has just posted a video with 12 minutes worth of clips from Virtuality. The video is a little low quality, but who cares! Clips! Check them out here.

UPDATE: Watching that video again, I’m kind of surprised at how cinematic the entire thing looks. FOX, and more specifically director Peter Berg, did a fantastic job with this.

Bad Omens

A bit of Virtuality news has trickled in from this month’s TCA conference, and what I’ve read hasn’t exactly warmed the cockles of my heart. As things stand right now, director Peter Berg is busy recutting the episode – down from two hours to one – for nervous FOX execs who say the pilot is a little too “dense” for them.

When asked to comment, executive-producer Michael Taylor gave the following statement to newsite Televisionary…

Ron and I think the show is great as is. A lot of people definitely would dig it, and not just the Battlestar audience; this could have an even wider appeal, and as a network show it should. And we’ve also already cut it down quite a bit from its original two-hour run time to satisfy network concerns about pace and to prune some storylines.

But at the same time, Reilly’s right about it being a little dense. It’s dense in the same way Battlestar was/is, in that it introduces a bunch of complex, intriguing characters, along with a compelling sci-fi scenario with several layers to it. In other words, it’s dense in the way good science fiction often is. The pilot puts a bunch of balls in the air but I think it does a great job of juggling those balls and setting up the scenario up in a way that makes it easy for the audience to understand without having to be hit over the heads with a lot of heavy-handed exposition. That said, it’s definitely challenging material, the kind of story you need and want to pay attention to, especially in the pilot. But to us that’s what made it so much fun to create, and what will ultimately pay off in series, by allowing us to tell exciting layered stories in the mold of shows like Lost (and Battlestar, of course).

Pete Berg is confident he can recut the show into a one-hour format, and he certainly has the chops to do it, as well as the experience (Friday Night Lights) of creating network shows that are both emotionally compelling and accessible. So Ron and I are taking a hands-off approach and letting him do his thing. Hopefully, Kevin Reilly and the other execs at Fox will like what he comes up with and we can look forward to seeing this show on the air.

Of course, this is Hollywood, and projects can get stuck in Development Hell for years and years before finally airing, if they air at all. So, as awesome as this show looks/sounds/is, it would probably be best not to take anything for granted until we start seeing Virtuality commercials in between American Idol and 24, both of which will undoubtedly last another 10 years.

Director Spotlight

ARTISTdirect News is running an article on Peter Berg, who’s set to direct Virtuality’s pilot episode. From the article…

“And it looks like there are nothing but good things on Berg’s horizon. He’s in pre-production on a sci-fi show for the small screen called Virtuality with Ronald Moore. If you don’t know who Ronald Moore is, then you must not be watching Battlestar Galactica, the best show on pay cable since Shawn Ryan stopped writing The Shield. A mistake easily remedied through Blockbuster, Netflix or TiVo. Berg and Moore will form like Voltron into a massive entity of awesomeness when they bring to life the tale of a deep space crew of explorers who use virtual reality modules to pass the time until a diabolical glitch in the system ruins the party.”

Anyone else think he looks a little like GOB Bluth? The article can be found here.

Check it out.

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