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Virtuality now available on DVD

With no warning whatsoever, Virtuality hit store shelves today. Well, Best Buy’s shelves, anyway. You can order it right here, and at $9.99, it’s a steal!


Peter Berg talks Virtuality

Today, at NBC’s Television Critics Association presentation, Virtuality director Peter Berg spoke out a little bit about the show (via The Futon Critic).

“I was just a piece of that. I wanted to work with Ron Moore,” director Peter Berg says about his experience on the FOX pilot “Virtuality.” “I’m a big fan of his. Those guys were trying to do something very dense and original and complicated and if they have more time [it] would be completely terrific.”

Berg was in attendance at the TCA summer press tour to promote his new NBC drama “Trauma.” I had the chance to speak with him for a few minutes about the project, which aired on June 26.

“I just read that there’s a European thing, a deal going on in Europe to finance it as a European, co-finance it as a European series,” he said. “I don’t know, you should try to talk to Ron Moore about that but I think that would be fascinating, with the same cast and [everything]. It’s all talk at this point but I think the response to ‘Virtuality,’ the critical response surprised FOX.”

He adds that he’s hopeful it will happen.

Virtuality listing up on Netflix

This is just like the Amazon listing. You can save Virtuality and it’ll be added to your list once it’s available. Check it out here.

Ask an exec

This is the latest from SciFi Wire…

Got a question about SCI FI’s impending change to Syfy or anything else? You can ask Craig Engler, senior vice president and general manager of SCI FI Digital, directly via Twitter.

Engler will answer viewer questions on everything from the upcoming Syfy changeover to current series production and other breaking news.

“Most networks out there are using Twitter strictly for promotional purposes,” Engler said in a statement. “We’re looking at it as a way give fans direct access to a network executive and at the same time provide them with a look at what goes on behind the scenes. We’ll also be talking about our shows both on the air and in production, sharing news and answering questions via a special hashtag #syfyq.”

Direct access, you say? What’s going on behind the scenes, you say? Here’s yet another way to contact someone who would be in a position to make sure that Virtuality doesn’t just die on the vine. Take a few moments to tell Mr. Engler about how much you loved the show.

You want more?

If you’d like to see more of Virtuality, there are a few different ways to make your voice heard. Contact the good people at FOX and SyFy, tell them you loved the show and want to see more. Here are some names for you…

Peter Rice
Chairman of Entertainment
FOX Broadcasting Co.
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Viewer Feedback Line: 310.369.3066

Mark Stern
Executive VP of Original Programming
SyFy Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Support good television and make your voice heard!

Virtuality’s overnight numbers

TV by the Numbers has the ratings for last night’s broadcast of Virtuality. The show came in fourth-place for its timeslot with 1.80 million viewers and a 0.5/ 2 rating/share among adults 18-49. Sadly, those are Kings numbers. But, summer on a Friday night, it was half-expected. Luckily, the show has gotten great reviews and some pretty good word of mouth. Stay tuned.

Michael Taylor’s Top 10 Reasons to Check Out Virtuality

This is coming from the Man himself. Make sure to forward this to your friends!

10.  Free “Friend of Ron Moore” ball cap (normally only available on “Ron Moore Day” at Dodgers stadium).

9.  Get reserved seats at the hottest panel at Comicon next year!
8.  Receive your very own easy-to-assemble Starship Phaeton, no pilot’s license needed to operate provided you stay within the solar system and always wear a helmet.
7.  What else are you gonna do on a Friday night?  Um, okay, so maybe that’s a crappy reason but hey, that’s why it’s up here at number 7.
6. Yes, I know, by asking you to forward this message I’m essentially involving you in a pop culture pyramid scheme.  But look at it this way:  You’re getting in on the ground floor!  So after this letter has propagated for 10 generations, you’ll be able to tell, um, 100 billion people “I told you so” when they write back to say they liked the show!
5.  It’ll give my Mom something to brag about.
4.  By staying in and watching the show, you’ll save gas and help save the environment!  It’s socially responsible!
3. After watching the show, you too will be able to use the word “virtuality” in a sentence!
2.  Because if enough people watch the show this Friday, there’s a decent chance it’ll actually get to become a full-blown TV series. And the number one reason to check out “Virtuality” on Friday and encourage your friends to do the same:
1.  ‘Cause it’s a frakkin’ cool show!
Don’t forget, Virtuality is airing this Friday at 8/7c!

Check it out.

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