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Michael Taylor talks Virtuality

I’ve had this video for a while, but somehow it fell through the cracks. Enjoy.


Virtuality on demand

Did you miss the show last night? Did you catch it but are now overcome with the desire to watch it again? Check it out on FOX On Demand.

UPDATE: You can also watch Virtuality on HULU.

New videos

The Virtuality Facebook page just posted some great new videos. Get over there and check them out…

video roundup

Many of these clips have been posted elsewhere, but now you can find them all in one easy-to-access post! Just click the links.

Everything’s About to Change

Fantasy vs. Reality

Host Intro

Robot Hand

Space Painting

Surfing in Space

New trailer!

The official Virtuality Facebook page just posted a new preview clip. This is probably the best one yet. Check it out here.

UPDATE: You can also check it out below.

Cast interviews, pt. 3

More cast interview goodness. Here’s Nelson Lee, Joy Bryant, Omar Metwally, Erik Jensen, and Jimmi Simpson.

Cast interviews, pt. 2

More cast interviews for you. Here’s Gene Farber, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Ritchie Coster, and Kerry Bishe.

Check it out.

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