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The Good Ship Phaeton is bringing the legions of rabid Ron Moore fans out there the latest news about his new show VIRTUALITY. If anyone out there has a tip, or would like to contribute in some way, shoot us an email at fuggidup@yahoo.com.

About the show…

VIRTUALITY takes place aboard Earth’s first starship, the Phaeton. In five years, the Phaeton will reach the star Epsilon Eridani, which is ten and a half light-years from Earth. We’re not sure what exactly they’ll be doing once they get there, but the smart money is on some sort of extra-solar colonization attempt. At one point, Roger Fallon, the ship’s therapist says, “Dry land is an increasingly expensive commodity back home.” It’s clear that the Earth has fallen on ecological hard times.

The Phaeton’s mission is being co-financed by the Consortium, a giant corporation with very deep pockets. As part of their agreement with NASA, the Phaeton’s mission is being broadcast to millions of viewers on Earth as one giant reality show. Cameras, a confessional room, the whole nine. Executive-producing the show is Dr. Fallon, who finds his duties on the show increasingly at odds with his responsibilities as ship’s therapist.

To help deal with the stresses of space travel, the Consortium has outfitted the Phaeton with several virtual reality “modules”. Crew members can create their own virtual environments and relax during their off-hours. Six months into their mission, a glitch is discovered in the system. A nameless man with green eyes is turning up in the crew’s simulations and killing them. This has no effect in the real world, and at first the glitch is ignored, that is until the Green-Eyed Man attacks and rapes Billie Kashmiri, the Phaeton’s resident computer specialist. After the attack, Captain Frank Pike orders the virtual modules to be taken offline until they can be repaired, a decision that’s not very popular among the crew.

The Phaeton is coming up on Neptune, and the go/no-go point in its mission. A no-go will turn the ship around and send it back to Earth, but a go will sling-shot them around Neptune and toward Eridani. Before the go order can be handed down, it’s discovered that Eyal Meyer, the ship’s doctor, has just diagnosed himself with Parkinson’s Disease and it’s entirely possible he won’t make it the entire trip.

Captain Pike has a decision to make. If they turn back, it’ll be another twenty years before another expedition is mounted. If they move ahead, they risk losing their doctor — and without the VR modules — their own sanity.

VIRTUALITY will air Friday, June 26th on FOX, from 8-10 PM.



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