Michael Taylor talks Virtuality

I’ve had this video for a while, but somehow it fell through the cracks. Enjoy.


1 Response to “Michael Taylor talks Virtuality”

  1. 1 playoutintelligence July 1, 2009 at 11:06 am

    Interesting Interview, but where is this going? Is this planned as a “social media release pilot”, and depending on the feedback there will be additional episodes? I liked it – I think for a pilot and hence first interaction of actors there was a nice story, acting, and great energy between the actors. Usually show characters get better in the first three episodes (that’s true for BSG as it is for Dexter).

    I also like the puzzles and little mysteries, though I feel that it is not as well researched and meticulously produced as BSG (yet). Lighting and shots are awesome, though, for the VR sequences as well as for the “real” scenes (if they’re real, and not just another simulation and reality show, a training for upcoming astronauts – because what’s 10 years of preparation for a trip with no return, right ;)).

    I at least hope that we see more, and if its webisodes or a purely Internet TV Channel based series (though I would hate to see it produced with less budget, but then again: why should it, in these modern Internet TV times?!).


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