Time Magazine calls Virtuality better than any network pilot up for next Fall

That’s the word from James Poniewozik, TIME magazine’s pop culture columnist. In his review, he also makes mention of the good amount of publicity FOX is giving to a show with such slim chances of getting picked up. Things that make you go hmmm…

But it’s also well acted and extremely well-directed (by Friday Night Lights’ Peter Berg). Its vision of space is much of a piece with BSG’s unglamorized close quarters, but it has a look all its own; there’s a particularly beautiful sequence in which the ship uses the gravitational field of Neptune as a slingshot and unfolds its booster mechanism like complex jewelry against the planetary backdrop.

Like BSG, it’s shot under with dread, because of the story of mankind racing annihilation, but it has an easier humor than BSG did, and quickly finds its own voice. The confessional interviews with the cast members—a big plus of the reality-TV plot—both establish character quickly and weave together the different story themes. And like BSG, it’s suffused with big ideas, particularly about the nature of consciousness and about whether a “virtual” experience—or assault—is any less legitimate than a “real” one.

Read the full review here.


1 Response to “Time Magazine calls Virtuality better than any network pilot up for next Fall”

  1. 1 Adam June 27, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    Watched it last night, was pretty good!

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