A series pickup still a possibility?

Ron Moore thinks it’s still possible. In an interview with SCI FI Wire, Moore says that FOX is still mum on whether or not Virtuality has life beyond its backdoor pilot. He also talks a little bit about what audiences might see, should FOX move ahead with a series…

I think they would be extensions of what you see in the pilot. We would be following all of those storylines. The green-eyed man [Jimmi Simpson] is obviously a big player, and what’s his connection to what’s happening in the virtual world? Is there a connection between him and events in the real world? The biggest mystery of all is “Well, what happened to Pike [Coster-Waldau]?” What did Pike see in his vision? Did he have a foreboding? Did he know what was going happen to him in that airlock? Is that part of what he saw in his vision? Did he start believing in the reality of anything that was happening?

I think some of the fundamental questions on the show go to things like “What is real? What is not real in this story? What is manipulation? What is not manipulation?” If we went to series we would continue to explore that, and we’d play different characters starting to unravel different mysteries. What are they telling them from Earth, and is that true? Are they just being paranoid? Is somebody aboard manipulating their messages, the virtual reality? There are a lot of mysteries and certain interesting things that were set up that we would continue to play if the show went to series.

The full interview can be found here.


1 Response to “A series pickup still a possibility?”

  1. 1 eowyn324 October 9, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    ohhhh that would be so super exciting. I loved the pilot and I really wanted to see it hit prime time. I really hope it all works out. 🙂

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