Virtuality: indie movie or space opera?

Michael Taylor’s really made the rounds today. In an interview with io9, he talks, among other things, about the changes Virtuality went through going from the page to the screen.

The show that will air on June 26 is not really changed at all from what we shot. On the other hand, the show did start out as a one hour pilot. NBC Universal and Fox the airing network [asked us] to turn it into a two hour movie. In a way, that had to change the nature of the script that had been widely circulated on the internet (for the original one hour show). It deepens the draw in some ways, it complicates it in others. I think when Fox saw the end result, they thought, “wow this is a very heady mix.” Or as one Fox executive said, it’s “Very cool but kind of dense.”

Check out the full interview here.


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