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Things so far…

The good news: the Virtuality pilot IS airing. The bad news: the Virtuality pilot is airing July 4th, a night when no one will be home, and no one will be watching TV. On the surface, it looks like the show is dead and FOX is only looking to make back a little cash on its investment, right? Not so fast! These past couple of days, a few hints have been dropped suggesting that Virtuality’s future may be brighter than we thought. On his blog, Doug Drexler (Academy Award winner and CG supervisor on the pilot) had this to say

…just got the word that a show we thought was dead is now on the fast track. It’s Ron Moore’s “Virtuality”. It just goes to show you how this business goes. It was dead, dead, dead… now it’s alive, alive, alive… and they want it now, now, now!

He also mentions that as of right now, FOX is mum on whether or not the show will go to series. This article, from Airlock Alpha, gives a lot of the same information, albiet a little more cheerfully. Take the time to check it out.

What do you think? I remain cautiously optimistic. For a while, I didn’t think FOX would even bother airing the pilot. Now that they’ve given it the go-ahead, maybe all the brouhaha Drexler is talking about is just for the one and only episode we’ll see. Or maybe someone at FOX has seen the light, and we’ll all get the series we’ve been hoping for.

Tell us what you think, and thanks to readers Ania and Jessica for the tip!


Virtuality airing on July 4th!

This bit of news comes from the Futon Critic, and boy is it awesome!

FOX is giving viewers a holiday treat on Saturday, July 4.

Network sources have confirmed to the site exclusively that the two-hour pilot to “Virtuality” will air on said night at 8:00/7:00c.

Co-created by Michael Taylor and Ronald D. Moore (“Battlestar Galactica”), the sci-fi drama revolves around the crew of the Phaeton, Earth’s first starship. To endure the 10-year journey, the astronauts use virtual reality modules which allow them to assume avatars and explore self-created scenarios. But just as the mission is about to enter its critical go/no-go phase, a virus begins to infect the system and puts all of their lives on the line.

Nintendo Sixty-fooooour! My guess is they want to see how many viewers tune in before they make any sort of series commitment. The only thing that worries me is the number of people who are going to be home watching TV on July 4th. But optimism, right? Thanks to reader C for the tip.

A change is gonna come.

And we’re back! First, I’d like to apologize to my three readers for the gigantic hiatus we’ve taken. It was part laziness, and part there was absolutely nothing to report. In the future, we’re going to do more to keep people up to date on what’s going on with the show. And speaking of the show, from now on, we will only be bringing you news on Virtuality, the actors and the talent behind it. That means no more news on Battlestar Galactica or Caprica. We want to tighten the site’s focus, so we’re having to trim some fat. Anyway, there’s some interesting stuff coming up, so hopefully you’ll all start checking the blog regularly again.

Check it out.

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