The end is nigh.

MediaBlvd Magazine has a pretty good interview up with Ron Moore and David Eick from this past week’s TCA tour. All oldies but goldies. The end of Battlestar, Caprica, and what projects they’ve got coming up.

On Battlestar…

There are questions remaining and hopefully they’ll be answered in these final 10 episodes. But how do you answer them without making it feel perfunctory?

Some if it will just be on a crawl in the end credit. By the way, in case you were wondering. Well, you know, I mean it’s – that’s the trick of doing it. You know, you, we – the first decision was not to try to answer every single thing in the last episode. Because then the last episode just becomes, you know, a running tally of, oh and there’s this question, and oh and there’s that question and so and so and so and so. And we wanted to kind of, you know, there were certain things that would be raised naturally earlier in the story line. And then you could sort of deal with them on a case by case basis. And you just wanted each sort of revelation and each sort of answer to sort of have its own kind of moment in the sun, and not to make everything a giant mystery. And to sort of let it proceed organically. It was a bit of a trick. But it didn’t seem like it was too burdensome as we went through it. It felt kind of natural. And as we broke out the last 10 episodes there seemed like there were natural sort of places where we could explain this. And oh that revelation can go here. And, you know, and oh we’ll fill this detail in there. And we’ll still save these pieces for the end.

On Caprica…

What’s the latest on Caprica?

Caprica has been picked up for a full season. We start shooting that probably in July. We’re putting the writing staff together now and the crew. And, you know, just staffing up and getting ready to go. We’ll start breaking stories probably in February or maybe even as soon as the end of this month, kind of depending when all the pieces go together. We have a game plan of sort of what the general story line is and sort of some direction. So we’re not starting completely from scratch. So things are well in hand. In Caprica we feel really good about that.

The entire interview can be read here.


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