Battlestar update

A few things tonight. First, SCI-FI has released a poster for season 4.5, featuring Kara Thrace and her exquisite breasts. Take a look below…

They’ve also released a few short clips from two of the upcoming episodes. Which you can also view below…

Lastly, SCI-FI has released the schedule for the final batch of BSG webisodes, which begin this Friday. That schedule is:

  • Friday, December 12:  Chapter 1
  • Monday, December 15: Chapter 2
  • Wednesday, December 17: Chapter 3
  • Monday, December 22: Chapter 4
  • Wednesday, December 24: Chapter 5
  • Monday, December 29: Chapter 6
  • Wednesday, December 31: Chapter 7
  • Monday, January 5: Chapter 8
  • Wednesday, January 7: Chapter 9
  • Monday, January 12: Chapter 10

SCI-FI described the webisodes, collectively titled “The Face of the Enemy” with the following press release.

“‘The Face of the Enemy’ follows the gripping action and suspense inside a stranded Raptor carrying a group of passengers including Lieutenant Felix Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) and a Number 8 Cylon (Grace Park). When passengers suddenly start dying one by one in alarming ways, fear, panic and chaos erupt within the confines of the small ship, as they come to realize there is a killer among them. Michael Hogan (Colonel Tigh) and Brad Dryborough (Lieutenant Hoshi) also star.”

Exciting stuff, and only a few more weeks to go! Stayed tuned.


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