Here it comes…

TV Guide gives us our first look at Virtuality, with this picture of Jose Pablo Cantillo and Gene Farber as Manny Rodriguez and Valetin Orlovsky (if you look closely, you’ll see the Phaeton patch on their suits matches the one on the tote bag that was being handed out at this summer’s Comic Con). The article talks about the various and sundry relationships we’ll be seeing on the new show.

The Starship Enterprise never looked like this: The captain tells his crew he “loves” them, husbands and wives sign away their rights to concieve, virtual love affairs abound, and a married gay couple holds hands freely. Fox’s upcoming Virtuality might as well be called Melrose Space.

I’ve had a chance to read the pilot script, so I can tell you that the “Melrose Space” reference is a little overstated. Fans of Ron Moore know how character-driven his work is. And while we’re sure to see a ton of that on Virtuality, I think it’s safe to say that it’ll only serve to compliment a healthy dose of action and sci-fi.

In interviews with, FOX head honcho Kevin Reilly and the Man himself Ron Moore chime in a little more on the show’s gay relationship.

Kevin Reilly…

It’s a great relationship. It’s a very straight forward, honest portrayal. They are front and center. The pilot’s story centers around the corporation backing the whole thing and [they] want the [gay couple] to get married. They are the only unmarried couple on the ship and there is a proposal in the [episode]. And the one guy is saying “Are you just doing this because of the corporation? You never wanted to get married before. ” And the other guy is saying, “No, this the push I needed. So there is an engagement in the pilot.

Ron Moore…

They’re a married gay couple and they were just included when we were coming up with the core cast of characters. Michael Taylor and I were talking about it and I think it was his idea and we just – he goes through part of the concept of how that group of astronauts were chosen initially, that they were – it’s hard to tell you about without giving away the whole concept of it, but they weren’t just a group of astronauts that went through the traditional vetting astronaut process.

They were all sort of symbols for specific reasons for this particular mission and for almost PR reasons … they were put on the ship and the [gay couple] sort of struggle with that role of – “Is that the only reason we are here?” kind of thing. But they’re professionals in their own right. They have a complicated sort of storyline of what they’re willing to show.

It’s a long wait, but looking like it’s going to be well worth it.


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